Port Campbell is close to many of the most spectacular features of the Shipwreck Coast and Great Ocean Road. As locals, we can direct our visitors to both well-known attractions and hidden treasures in both the coast and hinterland.

Languid Summer afternoons, or gentle Autumn and Spring days are perfect for taking in the beauty of the rolling ocean and towering cliffs, but part of the magic is watching the mood of sea and cliffs alter dramatically as the weather changes.

Wild winter storms are a great time to visit, as howling gales team with thunderous waves to show the raw power of the Southern Ocean. Forget umbrellas, they won't last three seconds - muffle up in a warm, waterproof coat, brave the buffeting wind, and you will have an truly unforgettable experience.

Port Campbell
Just across the road from Sea Foam Villas is the beautiful Port Campbell Bay, which ends in a great surfing and swimming beach.

Watch the fishing boats unload their catch at the deep-water jetty, sit under the shady pine trees that line the side of the road to take in the sights and sounds of the beach, or take a stroll along the clifftops for sweeping panoramas of the bay and coastline.

Shopping and dining variety is just a short stroll away; Sea Foam Villas is right next to the town shopping centre, we even have our own cafe for meals, takeaways and souvenirs.

London Bridge
Just like the song, our London Bridge has fallen down, demonstrating the relentless change occurring along the coast through the actions of wind and water. The island formed from the collapse and the sweeping curve of the cliff and beach still provide a stunning vista at any time of year.

Bay of Islands
Offshore rock stacks and islands dot this wide bay, which records some of the highest wind speeds on the southern coast. Visit during a winter storm to appreciate the terrifying power of the Southern Ocean, or watch lazy summer swells roll across sparkling blue water to break against the sheer limestone cliffs.

The Otways
A cool, lush rainforest cloaks these rolling ranges, and holds a multitude of delights. Waterfalls that tumble through wooded gullies, huge ancient trees that tower skywards from giant buttress roots, and night-time lightshows from a myriad of fireflies.

Twelve Apostles
Mighty rock sentinels standing off the cliff-faces east of Port Campbell, the Twelve Apostles are perhaps the most recognised icons of the Shipwreck Coast. Spectacular viewing at any time or weather, but especially beautiful during summer sunsets. 

Loch Ard Gorge
Only a teenage girl and a young ship's apprentice survived Australia's worst shipwreck, being swept into this steep and forbidding gorge after the clipper Loch Ard struck nearby Muttonbird island.

Other features close to the Gorge include Thunder Cave, the Blowhole, Island Arch and the Sherbrooke river mouth.

The Grotto
Another magical example of the sculpting that continues along the coast, this picturesque collapsed cave frames a vista of sea and rock shelves, and provides a cool haven on hot summer days.

Port Campbell National Park
Extending along the coast from the town, the park offers a wealth of experiences for the nature-lover. Take time to unwind with a leisurely walk along the clifftops, or wander through coastal scrub and bush while watching for the many species of native birds that nest in the area.

There are animals, too - if you are lucky you might catch a glimpse of a wallaby bounding into the scrub, or meet an echidna (spiny ant-eater) as it plods steadfastly along in search of a meal.

One of the best places for a day's fishing and relaxing. The gentle Gellibrand River meets the sea in a picture-perfect spot for spending a few lazy hours waiting for dinner to bite on the hook.